Strengthening material growth expertise through staff visits

University of Waterloo staff delegate of the Quantum Colaboratory (Quantum Colab) visited the University of British Columbia and explored technical capabilities and enhancements for Quantum Colab materials growth resources.

Dr. Saba Sadeghi, the University of Waterloo (UW) staff representative on the Quantum Colab Lab Operations Committee, visited the University of British Columbia (UBC) last month to acquaint herself and obtain direct experience with the Quantum Colab resources at the UBC node.

Sadeghi had the opportunity to network with fellow MBE expert Dr. Bruce Davidson to share tips and experiences over MBE growth and sample transfer via vacuum suitcase. These discussions aim to enhance the ease of transfer between nodes, improving the user experience when utilizing shared resources.  

Dr. Matteo Michiardi and Dr. Sergey Zhdanovich, research associates at the ARPES lab, also worked with Sadeghi through ARPES measurements, from sample preparation to data collection and analysis. To provide Sadeghi with firsthand experience, the researchers conducted ARPES measurements using UV and laser sources on MBE-grown topological insulator thin film samples prepared by Guo-Xing Miao’s group at UW. The UBC researchers also provided samples to be brought back to UW, which will allow UW researchers to practise the ARPES measurements against well-defined processes and results.

“We have formed a strong network between nodes that will be a great resource for the users in the Quantum Colab. Each node can benefit from the expertise and experience of the others, with colleagues supporting each other. This visit specifically strengthened the collaboration between the ARPES capabilities at UW and UBC.” – Dr. Saba Sadeghi